“Is there a better Epiphone Les Paul B Bender out there?”

July 9, 2009

I don’t think so. I may not have seen them all but the ones advertised by JR’s Guitars are the best I have seen or played. I am no professional, but you do not have to be to see the difference in quality just by looking at them. Not only that, they are also eaiser to play for the not so talented of us.

JR’s Guitars Epiphone Les Paul B Bender can be installed with out routing out the back of the guitar like those their competitors put in. Their Epiphone Les Paul B Bender is also lighter. It is made with machine tooled parts made from heavy duty metal and weighs less than 8 ounces. Unlike their competitors that are like adding a scissor jack to the back of the guitar.

Their Epiphone Les Paul B Bender is easy to use. It is attached to the neck strap and you just push down on the neck to bend the string. The guitar player can also adjust the tension of the bender however works best for them.

They can install thier Epiphone Les Paul B bender on your guitar as well. When installing they can give you a short or long stroke which ever you prefer.

Right now their back log is less than a week. So you can probably get it in two weeks from placing the order.

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Epiphone Les Paul with B Bender

July 8, 2009

Finally a “Epiphone Les Paul with B bender” installed.

You can now go to JR’s Guitars and buy a Epiphone or Gibson Les Paul with a B Bender installed in it. You can also have one installed in your guitar.

These are no crappy home made b benders. These b benders have been in the market for several years but until recently have not been available for Gibson Les Paul style of guitar.

Benders are machined and installed by an expert who has been successfully installing same type of benders in Fender Telecasters.

There is no unsightly routing done to the outside of the guitar. Bender is attached to the neck strap and you bend note by pushing down on the note.  Installer can make long or short stroke. And, tension is can be adjusted by the player.

See Pictures Below. For more pictures, larger pictures and prices go to www.jrsguitars.com